Lessons will be tailored to what the student wants to achieve by learning and playing the bass. This could be joining and playing in the school’s “rock” band, becoming a session bassist or just learning something new and exciting.

I will show them the bass guitar in detail to understand how to use it as a tool to create sound, make music and hopefully a long career.

I can teach all styles from pop, indie and rock to reggae, funk and metal. I keep up-to-date with all the current trends in music as well as knowing all the classic bands so one can learn a whole spectrum of bass styles.

Students can learn to play finger style, with a pick or their thumb and even how to slap the bass. They will soon have a favourite way to play!
I am able to teach theory such as reading charts and tabs, playing scales, harmony, timing and ear training. Or, for those who only want to learn their favourite tunes, I will show them how to pick out the bass lines and play them (the way I learn for auditions and recording sessions).
I can teach pupils how to create their own bass lines and parts to bring to a band situation or to jam along with drum tracks.  


My rates are very reasonable and my ever-expanding student roster shows this.  I tend to teach at students' houses for their convenience and my rate is £20 for 30 min, £30 for 1 hour.