Remy Mallett.

With over 12 years professional experience as a bassist I like to teach students in a way they can really use my knowledge and skills in the real world of performance, whether they want to improve within their band, gain more session work or just understand when practicing at home.

Having toured the world with such diverse bands as New Young Pony Club and Matt Cardle, my range of genres, styles and skills is wide and versatile. 

With a BA in Commercial Music and as a composer for Audio Network (production music library), I can help students in crafting bass lines and setting a mood with their chosen instrument.

Playing live can be a nervous event, and some students are worried about their early gigs.  With experience playing at such venues as at The 02 Arena and Hammersmith Apollo I can give students are confidence and ability to play well and enjoy those moments.

Securing endorsements with such brands as Aguilar, EBS Pedals and Palmer, I am interested in sounds and effects and like to share tips and tricks with my students on how to achieve certain sounds they have heard on their favourite songs, and how to create their own unique tones. 

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